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  • Pab thov Kom kuv tus txiv thauj peb mus church. Ib qho kuv los kua muag yog vim kuv tus txiv pab tsis tau kuv es wb lub neej thiaj li tsis xws li lwm tus. Nws tsis Vajtswv txoj kev hlub.
    Iab Vaj

  • Please pray for my grandfather who is in CA, he can't see really well, and please pray that whatever medicine that he takes will heal his eyes so that he could see again. Maybe he did eat something that could cause it, but I don't what cause it neither, so whatever it takes, PLEASE pray for him and and my grandmother's health that they both may be strong. Thank you so much and God bless each one of you.
    Cua Thoj

  • Please pray me and my brothers and sisters get along with each other more often. Sometimes when we fight or have an agreement, we don't think before doing something that will make God unhappy with each one of us. Also pray for [name redacted] and his cussing. When he's not around my my parents he cusses with his friends, but when he's around my parent he doesn't. So just pray for him that he will stop and listen to me, even though I'm not a parent of him, but just his sister. Thank you so much and God Bless you all. Thov Vaajtswv foom koob moob rua mej suavdlawg.
    Choua Thao